Working in the UK. How to find a job in one week.

Bienvenido a RR Recruitment



Bienvenido a RR Recruitment


First steps


If you have decided to go to UK to work take into account that you have a long way to go. The unemployment rate is very low so it is easy to find a job. Now, if your level of English is low then it will be very difficult. The first step is to get the National Insurance Number. You need to know a little English, so that you can communicate in the office with the official. As well as to arrange the appointment by phone. A few years ago they used translators but now they do not.

Here is the link:

Try to avoid jobs without contracts and sort of things, many people will try to take advantage of you. If you leave a CV and you try a little, be sure that you will find a job in a short time.

You can also go to employment agencies, there are different types, just like in Spain so it is best to do a small search in google before going to the agencies. That way you will not waste your time. I generally recommend not using these agencies as it is easier to find work by leaving curriculums in person or directly contacting companies online.

Another technique that few people use is to send letters to companies by mail. Keep in mind that if you leave your CV in person somewhere, it is likely that they will not read it or that it will not reach the person responsible for human resources or hiring workers. However, they always read the letters. If you can find out the name of the person to whom you should send the letter is better. If not, send the letter to the Human Resources department.

If you are looking for a job in an office or of university level, you will have to use pages like Indeed, Reed and online pages like these. But this will mean a cost for you, since each ad has many applications, many times more than a hundred. So most of the time they will not even see your curriculum.


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Local Jobs


Now, if you need to work fast it is best to search the local newspapers. You can apply online. These jobs have very few applications. Sometimes none. So you sure will see your CV. In each city some newspapers work better than others so go back to do a search on google.

I recommend these two:

You can also use a craiglist page. Where you will not only find jobs, but all kinds of second-hand objects and different categories.

The last recommendation is gumtree

On this page you will find everything. I have never used this page to look for a job even though I know there are. This site will be very useful to find a room or a house. In addition, you will find all kinds of second hand things.

To start, I recommend that you use our Job Search System. You can also upload your CV so that companies can access it even if you are not looking for a job.

Now you only have to take the step, start planning your strategy and apply to many jobs.

Good Luck!

Bienvenido a RR Recruitment