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Jobs in Hove



Jobs in Hove



Jobs in Hove


We are going to explain the different ways to find jobs in Hove. 


Hove is a city located in the south of England. Brighton and Hove share the same government and it is difficult to find the boundary between both cities. It really looks all over the same city. So if you are looking for job in Hove maybe you do not mind to look for jobs in Brighton as well.


Here you will find a couple of useful tips for you in order to find jobs in hove.

To start looking for jobs and applying for them you can use our website. You should also upload your CV to our member area. If you do theemployers will be able to see your profile and contact you if they think you match with their vacancy.


Here you have the link to the job search engine:


Start looking for jobs by clicking here


As we said in the beginning of this article if you do not mind to look for job in Brighton you should have a look to this link:


There you will find some tips to find jobs in Brighton and also you will see a big selection of job agencies and cassified newspapers really useful.


Jobs in Hove


There are different ways to get a job, here we are going to explain to you three of them, so you will be able to find jobs in Hove. They are the same systems we used in our other article about jobs in Brighton. If you want to find a job In Hove you can do a manual search, look for jobs in classified ads sites or use job agencies. When we talk about agencies, we need to make a difference between online agencies and local agencies.


Jobs in Hove


1 Manual Search for Jobs in Hove


If you are looking for jobs in local business like Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs… this is the best way. Show yourself! Make lot of copies of your CV and walk into the places where you want to work and drop them your CV. Maybe you even have the chance to have a short talk with the boss or one of the managers. The manual search is a very effective system. In one day yoy can walk into lot of places and give lot of CVs. You will also make lot of business contacts and maybe some new friends.

Do not be worried if you wont get a call the first day, sometimes it takes time. You just need a positive actitude and big smile and we are sure you will find a job soon!

Jobs in Hove


2 Second way to find jobs in Hove. Hove classified ads


You will find lot of different job opportunities in the classified ads websites or newspapers. It is important to check this sites because normally the jobs posted here got less applications than jobs published in job agencies or online job boards. Less applicants means more chances for you to got the job. 

It is important for you to know what kind of jobs you should look for in this pages. If you are interested in hospitality jobs like restaurant, pubs, hotels or similar places like shops or small offices, this kind of ads are a important source of vacancies where you can apply. 

Unfortunately if you are thinking to work in something more specific or in a big company do not waste your time here because big companies never post jobs in this kind of sites. They normally have a big Human Resources department and they spend lot of money posting ads and trying to find the right candidates.

Here we are going to leave a list with the best online classified ads in Hove.


Friday Ads

Free Ads



Uk Classified


You have to be careful because it is a free system for employers to post ads, so  sometimes you can find some scams and people trying to cheat you. In a real job offer you are never going to be asked for money or other personal details. But do not be scared because that is not a usual event and most of the people posting ads are honest and they really need workers to cover their vacancies.


Jobs in Hove


3. Third way to find jobs in Hove. Online job Agencies in Hove


There are lot of online job agencies you can use to find a job in hove. They do not only have Hove vacancies, there are lot of companies posting jobs in that sites around United Kingdom and sometimes around the word.

There are lot of jobs here but at the same time there are lot of applications it means it would be difficult for you to get the job, sometimes you wont event have a chance to make a job interview. Other times companies wont even text you back. For this reason is important to do a good cover letter. CV is important as well but a good cover letter will open lot of doors for you. If you really like the job you should write a personal job letter focused in that company and the job vacancy. Do not try to praise their company, try to explain to them why they need you in your company.

Here you have some of the best online job boards



Total Jobs


Fish for Jobs


You can find other similar sites but these ones are the most important. So good luck and do not forget to make a good CV and Cover letter.


Jobs in Hove


4. Fourth way to find jobs in Hove.  Local job Agencies in Hove

If you are looking for job it is a good idea to ask to professionals. In the job agencies you will be helped for free because they got a commission for each worker they supply to a company. So do not be shy and walk into the agencies and speak with them.

Some of the agencies have specific vacancies like office work or catering, marketing, admin… so make sure you choose the right one before walk in or you will waste your time.

You have here a list with almost all the agencies in hove, our advise is to have a look online to all of them and select which ones are the best for you.


MRL Group

Hanover Care

Grafton Banks

Nanny Agency in Brighton and Hove

First Recruitment Services

Casgo Connections Brighton and Hove

All Brighton and Hove Jobs

Rolf Berryman

Bandwidth Associates

Red Flag Recruitment

Patrick Associates Ltd


Leading Edge Consulting

BS Social Care

Wilbury Stratton

Energy Search Collective

Positive Moves

Hamilton Mayday

Manpower UK Ltd

Sussex Teachers

Escape Hatch Media

Meridian Business Support

Blue Arrow

The Shore Group


Harvey John

Office Angels

Michael Page

Arc Recruitment


Huntress Recruitment

William Alexander Recruitment Ltd

Jobcentre Plus

Vero Screening

Driver Hire

Nursery Jobs Sussex

Talent Hub


Tinies Brighton & Sussex


All of this agencies have local offices in Hove and some of them in Brighton. You can go there and talk to them. But in lot of that sites will tell you to apply online for jobs. So have a look first into their websites and check if they have a job board. 

But even if they have a job board it is not bad idea to go there and talk to them because they do not publish all the vacancies. 

That is all we hope you find a job soon! Thanks for reading our tips for finding jobs in Hove and good luck!


Jobs in Hove