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Bienvenido a RR Recruitment


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From RR Recruitment we want to make things easy for you. We know that finding the best price when searching for hotels is not easy and it often costs a lot to find.

To facilitate this task, we have inserted a search engine in our page where you will see the best offers. Just select the destination city and the desired dates.


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Actually RR Recruitment is an employment agency but we know that many of our clients and visitors also have other countries for job interviews.

Other times the displacement is definitive even if accommodation is not yet available. When you arrive in a new city finding a flat is not always easy so you need to spend some time in a hotel. Therefore, we believe that our tool can be useful to our users.

The first days in a new city can condition our vision of it. The first impression is important. If we do not like our new environment it is very possible that we do not like our work. This way our adventure would end even before to start. That is why our advice is to choose your first accommodation and then the floor where you will live.

You really never know; cheap accommodation may be much better or more welcoming than another more expensive. But we make sure that our search engine finds the best price. Do not forget to read the reviews of previous guests. They are useful and allow us to have an idea of ​​how it is and how works the hotel or hostel.


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Tips for booking


Before booking a lodging, we would like to give some advice:

  1. Usually, the price is lower if you make the hotel bookings from internet. If you do it from the reception is usually more expensive. Hotels always offer the best deals on the internet as there is more competition.
  2. This sounds obvious, but try to book in advance and it will be cheaper.
  3. Sometimes it is better to wait until the very last moment because before the possibility of leaving a room free, the hotels prefer to rent it at a lower price.
  4. If you travel light luggage is better, if you can stay a few days in different hotels. The easiest way to find short-term deals.
  5. Do not look for only hotels, you can often find private rooms in hostels.

In case you do not have work yet, do not lose your hopes, you can use our job search system, it is totally free. You can also upload your C.V and create an account as a job seeker. So companies will contact you directly if they are interested in you.


Bienvenido a RR Recruitment


From RR Recruitment we wish you the best of luck and that you achieve your goals soon. In case you have any doubts, you can contact us by filling the form from the contact section. If you are going to move for a period of time you should also check the weather. You can do a search on our page.

Finally, we recommend that you take a look at our Blog. Where you will find useful tips for finding employment. As well as interesting places to visit and the latest news.

If you want information about other topics you can leave a comment with your suggestions in any of the posts.


Bienvenido a RR Recruitment