Become into a Recruiter Entrepreneur in UK

Bienvenido a RR Recruitment




Bienvenido a RR Recruitment


Become into a Entrepreneur in UK. Would you like to start a Career as a recruiting agent?

 RR Recruitment could be your best option


How would you like to manage your own schedule, customer database, company portfolio, make a good salary and not having to answer to any boss but yourself?

Become into a Entrepreneur in UK. Lot of people find themselves in the same position as you, but it isn´t easy to start up a good business without the right support or a good company behind your back.

The problem is that most agencies usually take anywhere from 70% to 80% of the commission you earn by providing a new employee to a company. Do you really want to work just to have your salary taken away by someone else? The way we see it, just making a 30% or 20% as commission is not enough; that´s why we give our associates 90% of the commission.

Instead of a traditional contract what we´re offering you when you join RR Recruitment is an agreement; to work backed by our name and using our infrastructure.

 Entrepreneur in UK



However if you try to start your Adventure to become into a Entrepreneur in UK alone, this Adventure is going to be quite hard on you. You´ll basically need two things to get started.

– Find a company who would accept your services.

– Find employees to fill the vacancies you´re trying to cover.


We cannot find companies for you, but believe it or not that is the easiest part. You can find them on any directory and reach them through email or cellphone.



But finding candidates is not easy. You may think that by posting an add you´ll get hundreds of replies. But this doesn´t work on the UK.

You will only find candidates if you pay for those ads or if you have a good CV database. Ads are expensive and buying access to a database can cost 700 or 800 pounds a month, or even more.

This last choice is a good way to find workers, is quick and effective. But we don´t think that a lot of people would be glad to pay that amount of money.

By posting ads in our site you will get lot of applicants for your vacancies. It is easy to use and then you will be able to manage all the applications.



All of our recruiters are working under our name, and as such we have to be careful when selecting our candidates. We´re not interested in hiring a lot of recruiters, what we want is a solid team of agents to provide an optimized service to our clients. That could be your best chance to become into a Entrepreneur in UK.

 Now that we´ve reached this point we will try to answer a couple of questions that may be flying around your head





Entrepreneur in UK



1) What can we offer you in the way of professional development?


Basically we offer you the chance to work on your own using your name and brand as a blazon, with all the perks that it implies.

You will be back up by our company. In the event that you find any trouble with a certain contract, employee or client, we´ll work it out for you, sending our legal team to your aid.

On the other hand we´ll give you access to sample contracts that we already have, so that you may use them with your clients.

These include different rates and conditions, so you can choose whichever fits your client best.

These contracts are available online, this means that you may send the link to the contract to your client and they can analyze it and pre approve it. In this case you don´t need to send any physical document and wait a long time to find out if it returns approved and signed.

+you may post ads in our Job boards. This service is free for our contributors. But companies or external agents must pay at least 30 pounds for every ad they post. That is the best way to find candidates for your job vacancies.

+On top of that we will offer advice and answer all of your questions. Leave us a message and we´ll reply to you in less than an hour




2) If, as opposed to must other companies; we barely take any commission; how do we finance ourselves?

The rate we charge for the services we just mention is 70 pounds a month.

As we told you we don´t want to have such a numerous team, so this money is used basically for our database upkeep as well as to pay for our web maintenance, legal team, accountants and other minor expenses.

After everything has been paid and accounted for, the team; including myself; work by providing employees to other companies thus earning money through the same commissions as you.

If you want to see it from a different point of view this monthly payment of 70 pounds are just rent; paid for the use of our website, legal team, name and brand, etc.



3) How would your job be performed and how would your work life improve?


It has been made clear that if you choose to join us and you´re one of the chosen ones, your life will change.

Don´t misunderstand us though, I´m not saying this is an easy job and it will require a lot of work and effort to make the most of it, you´ll have to make a lot of contacts and especially when starting up it will be hard.

But if you manage to make good acquaintances with a good company they will keep asking you to provide good employees for them on a regular basis and you´ll have a steady source of income.

You choose how many hours a day you will work and as such you are in control of how little or how much you will make, based on your own effort. to be an Entrepreneur in UK means you can choose your own job organization.



Entrepreneur in UK



What is job about?



In theory it´s easy; first you´ve got to contact companies who have a vacancy.

You then explain what it entails to make use of our services and once they agree you post an ad in our web and set out to look for the perfect candidate in our database.

Afterwards you select a couple of candidates, you set an appointment for a job interview for them and if the hiring company takes in one of our candidates you make a commission.

These commissions are usually 10% of the yearly salary made by the candidate.

This means that if you manage to close a deal with a worker that makes 10.000 pounds a year, then 10% is the total commission out which 90% or 900 pound go to you.

If the salary is twice as much then you will also earn twice the commission.

Entrepreneur in UK.




Recruiter entrepreneur


 This job can be performed from anywhere in the world, even from your home.


This may seem like an advantage but in many cases it is not. If you can find another place to work then you´re productivity will usually go up.


In the event that you are forced to work from home, my advice is that you set up a space that you may use as an office. An organized space used only for work.


This is only our humble opinion on the matter, every person is different and as such the final choice is yours.

Any place is good as long as it´s productive and you feel comfortable.


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Recruiter entrepreneur

Bienvenido a RR Recruitment