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Brighton Jobs


Brighton Jobs

We are going to give you some useful tips in order to find Brighton jobs so keep reading and enjoy!


Brighton and Hove


Brighton is one of the most amazing cities in United Kingdom. Open mind and friendly people are waiting for you. Beautiful views, wonderful city life and lot of opportunities.


Maybe you are wondering why  Brighton and hove are governed by the same council. You can read the story in the following link

It is Really nice place to live but at the same time is expensive so you will have to find a good job. You can have a look in our job board.


Brighton population is about 300.000 People but there are normally more people there because of the student people and t0urism.


It is also good place if you want to study. Doesn’t matter if you want to learn English, study some course or a university degree.


Brighton Jobs


How to find Brighton Jobs


Well but now is time to find a job. There are three different ways to look for job and they depends of the kind of job you are looking for. If you want to work as barman, waiter, receptionist or something similar the best option is printing some CVs and left them in pubs, hotels, hostels etc. It is not easy but is very effective. You can apply at home using recruitment agencies or local newspapers like The Argus or Friday. The Local newspapers have some advantages over other recruitment agencies online or even the Local recruitment agencies. Their main goal is the number of applicants per job. Normally is very low, each job normally gets between 5 or 10 applications. In a recruitment agency the number increase sometimes till 30 or 40. Jobs in the famous online sites gets like 100 applications per job. So lot of times recruiters don’t even read your CV.


If you are looking for job in a multinational company or similar jobs you will have to apply in the online recruitment sites… I know I said the jobs there get lot of applications but there is the only way. The best advice is to make a really nice cover letter. Don’t try to impress them talking about how nice is their company and why you want to work there. You need to convince them you would be a really good member for their company and you would make them earn lot of money. Try to explain to them that would be a mistake to let them go. But don’t be arrogant.


Is it easy to find Brighton Jobs?


Now you need to be lucky, some times you can find job the first week and other times it takes some months. You should understand companies doesn’t need to hire workers all the time, so even if you apply for a company but they don’t need you it doesn’t mean maybe next month they need to cover a vacancy.


Sometimes the best strategy is to apply for companies you could fit working there. Even if they haven’t post a job ad because maybe they need to hire but haven’t started the hiring process yet. Or maybe they know they will need to contract someone soon. In that case you will have advantage.

So that’s all, if you want to start looking for jobs, Just click the following pic to get access to our job board


Good Luck!






Brighton Jobs