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Bienvenido a RR Recruitment


Brighton and Hove Jobs


Brighton and Hove is one of the most beautiful areas in united kingdom.

Living there is amazing, Restaurants, Pubs, Nice views, Sea life, Night clubs and everything you need.

People is also so friendly and weather is good.

But if you are thinking to move there you will need some advice. The main problems are finding a flat and job.

How can we find a flat or a room to live? First step is to find a hotel or hostel to stay few days while you look for a permanent place to live. You can use our searching tool.


Now you need to decide if you want to live by yourself or you prefer to share a flat or house.

If you have a job and previous landlord references you wont have problems you can go to a letting agency and ask them for some accommodation. Prices in Brighton are expensive but you can always check in different places and find some bargains.

But if you don’t have job or you prefer to share house you will have to check online. The best place to do is in



Brighton and Hove Jobs


Next step is to look for Brighton and Hove Jobs, you can use our Job search engine


Brighton and Hove Jobs

But you have other options in different Recruitment agencies


It is always good idea to check in Local newspapers


Looking for Brighton and Hove Jobs in famous Recruitment agencies or online sites sometimes is not the best way for finding a job. You will see lot of jobs in their search engine and you will be able to apply for lot of jobs, but the problem is lot of people know that sites so the jobs got lot of applications. Sometimes you will realize some of the jobs have been applied hundred of times. So you will have to be lucky. There are lot of possibilities They don’t even read your CV.


Sometimes the best option is to look for in the online newspapers because jobs there don’t have too many candidates. Lot of times you will be the only one.


But it depends the kind of job you are looking for. Big companies never post in that sites.








You have even more options, If you are already there you can go to the local recruitment agencies. There are lot of agencies in Brighton and Hove so print some CVs and walk into them, it will take you few days to step in all of them. It is better if you do a little search before and look for some information due to some of the agency are specific for some jobs like office or maybe for temporal jobs. Only you know what are you looking for. If you click the following image you will get access to the agency search.


Brighton and Hove Jobs


Our advice is to think about a strategy before start applying for Brighton and Hove Jobs , Think what kind of job you want and look for the best agencies for you. You should start applying and uploading our CV in our Job Board

Don’t forget to do a different Cover Letter for each job.


Good Luck looking forBrighton and Hove Jobs  !!


Bienvenido a RR Recruitment