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Bienvenido a RR Recruitment


Tips to Find bartender jobs in brighton and Hove


United kingdom is famous for the elevated amount of PUBS. Rainy weather makes that places the best option to meet your friends or spend your spare time, so they are really popular among British population. Brighton is one of the cities in UK with more Pubs per person. That’s because we are talking about a touristic area, we can also find lot of restaurants and hotels. That means Brighton is the perfect place to find a bartender job. But why Brighton, if you can find that kind of job everywhere. That’s because here you can find lot of jobs depending your experience. From rookies to experts. If you just start thinking about become into bartender I suggest to you to have a look into the following website:


RR Recruitment


It is not easy job, sometimes you will have to work night time, you will have to deal with rude customers, but you also will meet awesome people and will get good tips.


How to find bartender jobs in Brighton?


That’s a good question, the best way to find a job is printing your CV and go walking around pubs, restaurants and hotels. If you are lucky and you match the owner of the business or the staff contract responsible maybe you will get a quick interview.

You can also apply for bartender jobs in Brighton in recruitment agencies. Lot of companies need to fill some temporal vacancies so they ask for employees to the recruitment agencies. If you do a good job it is possible one of this companies will make you a permanent contract. You just need to  be patient. I’m sure you will meet really nice people doing job in different places.

But you can look for some opportunities at  at home too. You can use job board like:



Bartender jobs in brighton



The best way to look for bartender jobs in Brighton is to look for business websites and contact with them straight away. Big places are always looking for new staff, lot of times they don’t even post a job online because they have lot of applications already. Other times they ask to their own staff for recommendations to cover the job, friends, family etc. You need to mind lot of times you will apply for job and they will reject you but it is maybe because in that time they don’t need to contract anyone. But don’t give up, maybe next month they will offer you a job or at least a job interview.

Brighton is a place with lot of opportunities and job vacancies so it is easy to find a job. Some people find a job the first day they start applying and others need one week or some months but don’t give up. Brighton is one of the most touristic areas in UK so it means lot of work. So what are you waiting for? you should do a nice CV and start looking for pubs, bars and hotels. Send them your CV and good luck finding bartender jobs in Brighton!!!


Bienvenido a RR Recruitment